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Bonsai Studio
Relocated to Brisbane

We are now trading in Brisbane Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 4:30pm.

To visit the Studio, please call for an appointment.

Workshop dates are listed on our website here.

Bonsai, the Living Art, is a fascinating hobby dating back hundreds of years. It comes from China, but is a Japanese art as we know it. The word Bonsai means tree in tray, and is the art of shaping trees to represent nature in miniature.
We are now trading under the name The Bonsai Man. Please visit our new webpage
Roger is still offering all of the same services; however visits to his new studio are by appointment only. Please email or phone 0449 040 600 if you would like to visit his new location.

We have a range of workshops designed to meet the needs of the curious to the already confident Bonsai enthusiast
Come and join the fun and learn about this fascinating Living Art.

Bonsai has many different styles, designed to reflect trees growing in different situations: open fields, lush riverbanks coastal plains, mountains and cliff faces are all represented by different Bonsai styles, so your trees reflect the environment intended.


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